Committee details

Committee details

Shareholder and Joint Venture Group

Purpose of committee

The Shareholder and Joint Venture Group is responsible for acting as owner of the Council’s companies and for safeguarding and furthering the Council’s interests and investments in its companies and joint ventures. The Shareholder and Joint Venture Group will take decisions on any matters that are reserved to the Council as shareholder in the companies’ Articles of Association or Shareholders Agreement and will receive annual and quarterly reports for each of the companies in which the Council has an interest:


Oxford Direct Services: Oxford Direct Services Limited (ODSL)(Company number 10719222) and Oxford Direct Services Trading Limited (ODSTL) (10719214) – Two companies that work together to deliver cost-effective public and commercial services include building, waste & recycling, streetscene, parks & open spaces, highways & engineering, motor transport and pest control. ODSL is a “Teckal” company that primarily provides services to the Council and ODSTL is a trading company that competes for business in the local economy. Both companies are wholly owned by Oxford City Council.

The Housing Group: Oxford City Housing Limited (OCHL) (10212716) and its subsidiaries OCH(I)L (10370637) and OCH(D)L (10370647) – a group of housing companies created to increase the supply and range of affordable housing. Includes a parent company and two wholly-owned subsidiaries; a development company and an investment company.

Oxford West End Development Limited (OxWED) (09957392) – a partnership vehicle jointly owned by the Council and Nuffield College to build a mixed used development in a key site to the west of Oxford City Centre.

Barton Oxford LLP (OC368330) – a joint venture partnership of the Council and Grosvenor Developments Ltd created to enable the delivery of a major new development now known as Barton Park.


*OxWED is a partnership vehicle jointly owned by the Council and Nuffield College. Some decisions are reserved to each shareholder and some decisions will require the consent of both shareholders.

**Barton Oxford LLP is a partnership vehicle in which the Council has joint responsibility but no shareholding. Any Council decisions relating to Barton LLP would be a matter for Cabinet rather than the Shareholder.



Contact information

Support officer: Catherine Phythian / John Mitchell / Jennifer Thompson, Committee and Member Services Officers. email: tel: 01865 252402 or 2217 or 2275

Phone: 01865 25 2402/2217/2275