Committee details

Committee details

Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Scrutiny Committee is cross-party and made up of non-executive (backbench) councillors. The Committee’s role is to carry out a ‘check and balance’ and ‘critical friend’ function to the Cabinet by reviewing policies, decisions and key issues affecting residents.

Scrutiny operates to provide public assurance that the Cabinet is carrying out its business effectively, providing value for money and taking the best decisions it can to improve public services and the quality of life for the residents of Oxford. To provide this assurance, the Committee carries out research, reviews and hears from independent experts, making recommendations for service improvement where necessary. The Committee also establishes standing panels to focus on specific service areas (see below).

The Committee does not have any decision making powers, but it can make recommendations to the Cabinet arguing for change and service improvement. The Committee will also consider decisions that have been “called in” by councillors for review. The committee meets approximately 10 times a year.

Number of Councillors: 12

Quorum: 4

Frequency: 10 scheduled meetings per year


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Contact information

Support officer: John Mitchell, Committee Services Officer.

Postal address:
Town Hall
St Aldate's

Phone: 01865 252217