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Oxford Homeless Pathways (OxHoP) exists to help homeless people by providing accommodation and support towards independence.


OxHoP has three projects:


O’Hanlon House – direct access, emergency accommodation for homeless men and women aged 22 and over.  56 bedspaces each night, plus day facilities for all those staying at night and any other rough sleepers.  Resettlement support, training, education and activities provided.


Julian Housing – 150 units of accommodation in 26 houses, dispersed in Oxford and Abingdon.  Providing move-on for formerly homeless men and women and ex-offenders aged 22 and over, supported by a housing team.


Oxford Homeless Medical Fund – charitable assistance and support for Luther Street Medical Centre, including a volunteer project to assist patients to attend medical appointments elsewhere.  (Luther Street Medical Centre is an NHS primary care facility for homeless people.)


Council Representatives: Two representatives appointed annually


Expectations of Councillor Representatives


1             We welcome the elected representatives to attend any of our Trustee meetings. They are all sent papers and agenda as a matter of course. They are also welcome to come and have an initial chat and look around, to familiarise themselves with our work.

2             In the past, elected representatives have been helpful to us in helping us to address specific issues – for instance, concerns we might have about Council policy regarding housing, or other matters that the City Council deals with, such as recycling or planning issues.



Updated May 2014

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