Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Annual Update on the Corporate Plan 2016- 2020 - 2018 update

28/02/2018 - Update of the Corporate Plan 2018

The Assistant Chief Executive had submitted a report seeking approval of the annual update of the Corporate Plan 2016-20.


Cllr Price Board Member for Corporate Strategy and Economic Development, introduced the report which provided a broad framework for the Council’s activities and had provided an opportunity to ‘tidy up’ the Council’s priorities.


The City Executive Board resolved to:

1.    Approve the Annual Update report on the Corporate Plan 2016-20, as set out in Annex 1;

2.    Delegate authority to the Assistant Chief Executive to make minor textual/formatting changes to the Annual Update Report in advance of formal publication; and

3.    Delegate authority for the Assistant Chief Executive to add new success measures to the Annual Update Report (point 13) once agreed with Service Heads and the Chief Executive.