Committee details

Committee details

Audit and Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

This Committee is responsible for taking a strategic overview and of the Councils audit, risk, and governance functions, and its financial management processes and control. It is responsible for:

·       setting the Council Tax base in January in advance of the budget,

·       considering and approving the Council’s Annual Statement of Accounts, focusing on accounting policies and practices and important adjustments

and for overseeing:

·       internal control and risk management: how the Council identifies and deals with key risks; policies to ensure the Council follows regulatory guidance, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, money laundering, the Annual Governance Statement,

·       internal and external audit functions:

o   ensuring co-ordination and allocation of sufficient resources

o   reviewing the internal audit programme; considering the main findings from reviews and audits, and considering management responses;

o   reviewing the external audit plan and the reports, including on the Statement of Accounts, value for money reports, and management responses.

Number of Councillors: 7 (substitutes permitted)

Quorum: 3

Frequency: 4-5 scheduled meetings per year


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Contact information

Support officer: Dr Brenda McCollum, Committee and Members Services Officer. email tel 01865 252784

Postal address:
Town Hall
St. Aldate's

Phone: 01865 252784