Declarations of interest

Declarations of interest


Meeting:  Monday 7 October 2019 5.00 pm - Council

15e John Radcliffe Hospital Parking

  • Councillor Richard Tarver - Confirm: no interest, no bias - stated for the record that although he was an employee of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, his role did not encompass parking and he did not use the parking facilities and so he had no declarable interest. He would remain in the chamber and take part in the debate.

Meeting:  Tuesday 8 September 2020 3.00 pm - West Area Planning Committee

3. 18/02989/FUL: 269 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 2AJ

  • Councillor Richard Tarver - - 18/02989/FUL: Councillor Tarver stated that an unsolicited email had been sent by a member of the public to members of the Committee which contained the assertion that he would not be participating in the determination of the application. He said that this was erroneous and that he was approaching the application with an open mind, would listen to all the arguments and weigh up all the relevant facts before coming to a decision.