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Bridge or footpath for Newman Place - Oxford Science Park Connection

We the undersigned petition the council to construct a bridge connecting Newman Place and Oxford Science Park, improving accessibility and convenience for residents and workers.

The lack of a direct route between these two crucial areas has resulted in significant inconvenience and safety concerns for residents and workers.

Walking around without a direct route results in a significant increase in travel time, often exceeding an additional 30 minutes. Currently, to avoid the lengthy route, individuals must navigate through a wooded area, posing risks, particularly during the darker winter months. Depending on the season, the pathway becomes even more challenging. In winter it becomes a muddy, slippery terrain, making it treacherous for pedestrians. Moreover, crossing a muddy field in winter requires additional precautions, such as wearing rubber boots. By building a bridge, we can create a direct and secure pathway that promotes accessibility, efficiency and peace of mind.

Residents trying to access Blackbird Leys face an unnecessarily long journey due to the absence of a bridge. Constructing one would greatly ease access and streamline transportation. For workers, it eliminates the need to drive or depend on sometimes costly or unreliable buses for such a short distance, reducing the daily commute to the science park to a mere 5-10minutes.It would foster a more connected community and promote a healthier, more active lifestyle by encouraging walking or cycling as viable transportation options.

Moreover, the bridge would have a positive economic impact by facilitating easy access to the Oxford Science Park, a renowned hub for innovation, research, and employment. Improved connectivity would attract more businesses and talent to the area, ultimately benefiting the local economy. The construction of the bridge would yield multiple benefits, primarily improving accessibility and safety. Residents, including those with disabilities, would have a convenient and secure pathway to travel to and from work. Furthermore, it would enhance the community's connection to the new railway station planned for the Science Park, facilitating seamless access for all.

We urge the council to prioritise the construction of this bridge, considering the significant improvement it would bring to the daily lives of residents and workers. By investing in this essential infrastructure, the council demonstrates its commitment to enhancing mobility, safety, and inclusivity within our community.

This ePetition ran from 28/07/2023 to 08/09/2023 and has now finished.

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