Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Business in the Community - Working in Partnership

12/09/2014 - Business in the Community - Working in Partnership

The Head of Human Resources and Facilities submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) which detailed the background to the development of the Business in the Community programme which seeks to foster business links with Oxford cluster schools.    


Cllr Price, Executive Board Member for Corporate Strategy, Economic Development and Planning presented the report.


Cllr Simmons, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee presented the Scrutiny report. He said that Scrutiny thought it was an excellent scheme and highlighted the focus on career advice.


Cllr Simms raised the concern of civics not being taught in schools and the reluctance of young people to vote. She asked whether this scheme could be a way to engage young people in civics and introduce them to how local/ central government operated.


Cllr Brown was concerned that some schools had stopped offering career advice and she endorsed any scheme that would offer career advice to young people.


Cllr Price said that the County’s skills deal was looking into re-creating an Oxford Career Scheme.


The City Executive Board resolved to endorse the partnership connection with Cherwell School under the Business in the Community initiative.