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BMW Development and Horspath Sports Park

14/09/2015 - BMW Development and Horspath Sports Park

The Head of Community Services submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) which detailed proposals to agree a contract with BMW which would transfer their sports facilities to a new site enabling future development of their factory.


The Executive Board Member for Leisure, Parks and Sport presented the report, noting that the proposals related to outdoor facilities only and did not concern the sports and social club facilities.


The Board noted that this would be a complex and challenging project to deliver.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.    grant project approval to facilitate the transfer of the existing sports facilities on land owned by BMW at its Horspath Road, Cowley site (“the BMW Site”) to adjacent land held by the Council (“the Council Land”);

2.    agree to the termination of the Council’s current use of the Council Land, on the basis that it is to be used for the purpose of re-providing the sports and leisure facilities currently on the BMW Site.

3.    grant delegated authority to the Executive Director, Community Services, in consultation with the Council’s s151 and Monitoring Officers, to

a.    negotiate and agree the terms of the arrangement with BMW, on the basis that the total payment received from BMW is not less than £4.9m (index linked as stated in the report) and that any contract agreed with BMW contains provisions to ensure that the Council receives an appropriate share in any uplift in value of the BMW Site on any future sale of it;

b.    award, after undertaking a suitable procurement process and securing planning consent a contract to the selected supplier or suppliers, to undertake all construction work required for the re-provision of the sports and leisure facilities; and

c.    undertake a market testing exercise of the management of the re-sited sports facilities on the Council Land.

4.    seek to protect and re-provide, where possible, all current use by sports clubs of the sports and leisure facilities on the BMW Site.

5.    recommend Council to resolve to agree a new capital budget of £4.9 million funded by the capital receipt from the sale of the land to fund the replacement of the facilities.