Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Oxford Heritage Assets Register

08/04/2015 - Nominations for the Oxford Heritage Asset Register in the East and West Oxford pilot areas

The Head of City Development submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) which details the registration of heritage assets identified through the character assessments and to consider the recommendation to make the process of identification, assessment and registration more efficient.


The Senior Planner presented the report, she explained that the owner of 49 Marston Street had not received notification of the consultation but had subsequently presented evidence to counter the heritage value of the property. She would like the property; Jingle Cottage, 49 Marston Street to be withdrawn from the list and referred back to the panel for reconsideration.


Cllr Price, Board Member for Corporate Strategy, Economic Development and Planning explained that the pilot schemes had enabled the Council to develop the best way to identify and assess the significance of heritage assets in the city.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1. AGREE the 69 Heritage Assets (with the exclusion of Jingle Cottage, 49 Marston Street) recommended for inclusion on the heritage assets register by the Review Panels for each ward.


2. NOTE the two character studies will be material considerations in determining relevant planning applications against saved Policies HE.6 & HE.8 of the Adopted Local Plan 2001-2016 and Core Strategy Policy CS.18 (or any subsequent replacement policy).