Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

ICT Strategy

15/06/2015 - ICT Strategy 2015 - 2018

The Head of Business Improvement submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) which detailed the new ICT Strategy and the arrangements for its implementation.


Cllr Brown, Board Member for Customer and Corporate Services presented the report.  She said that this was the first of a number of ICT related reports that would come to the Board from this service area.


In response to questions from Board Members the Chief Technology Manager confirmed that the telephony project and the new ICT partner project were both on target for delivery; and that the lessons learnt from the South Oxfordshire District Council fire would be taken into account in discussions with potential ICT partners.


The City Executive Board resolved to APPROVE the new ICT Strategy 2015 – 2018.

08/12/2011 - ICT Strategy

The Head of ICT Strategy submitted a report (previously circulated, now appended) proposing a strategy for the procurement and management of the Council’s IT systems for the forthcoming five years.


Resolved to approve the draft IT Strategy and associated action plan.