Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Motions on notice 20 July 2020 - Adopting the C40 Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force principles

29/07/2020 - Adopting the C40 Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force principles

Councillor Wolff, seconded by Councillor Howlett proposed the submitted motion as set out in the agenda and briefing note.

Councillor Howlett in his speech announced that the Leader of the Council has on behalf of the Council recently signed up to the principles set out in the motion. The Council will apply them internally; publically states that these are our principles; and is proud to be part of the global network of cities adopting these.

After debate and on being put to the vote the motion as amended was agreed.


Council resolved to adopt the following motion:

This Council welcomes the findings of the C40 Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force that has published a set of principles aimed at rebuilding cities & economies in a way that ‘improves public health, reduces inequality and addresses the climate crisis’. 

This Council notes the principles:

1.     The recovery should not be a return to ‘business as usual’ - because that is a world on track for 3°C or more of over-heating;

2.     The recovery, above all, must be guided by an adherence to public health and scientific expertise, in order to assure the safety of those who live in our cities; 

3.     Excellent public services, public investment and increased community resilience will form the most effective basis for the recovery; 

4.     The recovery must address issues of equity that have been laid bare by the impact of the crisis – for example, workers who are now recognised as essential should be celebrated and compensated accordingly and policies must support people living in informal settlements;

5.     The recovery must improve the resilience of our city and communities. Therefore, investments should be made to protect against future threats – including the climate crisis – and to support those people impacted by climate and health risks;

6.     Climate action can help accelerate economic recovery and enhance social equity, through the use of new technologies and the creation of new industries and new jobs. These will drive wider benefits for our residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors; 

7.     We commit to doing everything in our power to ensure that the recovery from COVID-19 is healthy, equitable and sustainable;

8.     We commit to using our collective voices and individual actions to ensure that our national government supports both cities and the investments needed in cities, to deliver an economic recovery that is healthy, equitable and sustainable;

9.     We commit to using our collective voices and individual actions to ensure that international and regional institutions invest directly in cities to support a healthy, equitable and sustainable recovery

This Council agrees to monitor the on-going work of the Task Force and adopt the C40 Mayors principles in planning its own ‘build back better’ efforts.