Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Annual update of the Council Business Plan 2021/22

14/07/2020 - Annual Update Report on the Corporate Plan 2016-20

The Assistant Chief Executive had submitted a report to  seek approval for the 2019-2020 Annual Update  on the Corporate Plan 2016-20.


The Chair introduce the report which set out what the Council had achieved against the targets set out in the Corporate Plan 2016-20.  Notwithstanding that these objectives had been set some 4 years previously some important milestones had been reached, in relation to, among others: the economy;  the Covered Market;  and housing in relation to which 75 units at Barton Park had now been handed over to the Council.

The Chair said that Cabinet had agreed to Scrutiny Committee’s recommendations on this report. 

Cabinet resolved to:


1.    Approve the Annual Update on the Corporate Plan 2016-20, as set out in Appendix  1; and

2.    Delegate authority to the Assistant Chief Executive to make minor textual/formatting changes to the Annual Update Report in advance of publication.