Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Tower Block refurbishment

24/09/2020 - Tower block refurbishment contract - agreement of final account

To agree a negotiated settlement of the final account with Fortem for the tower block refurbishment project.

The revised final account figure and total scheme costs are within the overall budget set by Council on 22 July 2019.


09/08/2019 - Q4 Integrated Report 2018/19 - allocation of budgetary provision

With the agreement of Council the Lord Mayor took this item just before the break.


Councillor Bely-Summers arrived for the start of this item.


Council considered a report of the Head of Financial Services submitted to the Cabinet on 10 July 2019 update Members on Finance, Risk and Performance as at the end of the financial year.


Councillor Turner, the Cabinet Member for Finance and Asset Management presented the report.

Councillor Brown answered questions about the proposals for the Citizens’ Assembly.

Councillor Turner moved the recommendations, which were agreed on being seconded and put to the vote.



Council resolved to:

1.    agree the inclusion of an additional £1.53m budget within the Housing Revenue Account in 2019-20 for completion of the Tower Block refurbishment scheme; and

2.    agree the inclusion of £200k in 2019-20 in respect of costs to establish a citizens’ assembly together with associated staffing costs for reporting and research.