Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Oxford City Council Safeguarding Report 2017/18

20/06/2018 - Oxford City Council Safeguarding Report 2017/18

The Assistant Chief Executive had submitted a report on the progress made on the Oxford City Council’s Safeguarding Action Plan 2017/18.


Councillor Hayes introduced the report in the absence of Cllr Tidball. The report provided a very comprehensive picture of the Council’s position in relation to safeguarding. He drew the Board’s particular attention to three matters: the rigorous audit of the Council’s procedure (via the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board and the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board) resulting in  8 out of 10 indicators being the best possible; imminent implementation of “My Concern”, a central reporting system for safeguarding concerns; and awareness training having been delivered to about 400 staff.


The Chair thanked all those involved for a thorough report about a very important area of work.


The Monitoring Officer noted that the reference in Appendix 3 to the Data Protection Act should be to the Data Protection Act 2018.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.    Note the key achievements of the Safeguarding work delivered through Oxford City Council  during 2017/18;

2.    Agree the Safeguarding Action Plan 2018/19 set out in Appendix 1; and

3.    Approve Oxford City Council’s safeguarding policy updated April 2018 subject to the correction noted above.