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Allocation of Homelessness Prevention Funds in 2017/18

16/03/2017 - Allocation of Homelessness Prevention Funds in 2017/18

The Head of Housing and Property submitted a report which approved the allocation of homelessness prevention funds, with the purpose of meeting the objectives of the Homelessness Strategy.


Councillor Rowley, Board Member for Housing presented the report.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.            Approve the allocation of Homelessness Prevention funds to commission homelessness services as outlined in paragraph 28.


2.            Agree that any savings from 2016/17 budget allocations for Homelessness Prevention activities are, at the end of the financial year considered to be carried forward to fund necessary and additional services in 2017/18 and 2018/19 including those items as outlined in paragraph 22-27.


3.           Delegate authority to the Head of Housing and Property, in consultation with the Board Member for Housing and the Chief Finance Officer, the discretion to revise the intended programme of use associated with the 2017/18 Homelessness Prevention budget.