Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Introduction of a Rent Guarantee Scheme

19/09/2016 - Home Choice Pilot & Rent Guarantee Scheme

The Executive Director of Regeneration & Housing submitted a report which requested approval to adopt a Rent Guarantee Scheme to enable the delivery of a Home Choice pilot, providing support to tenants to help them become financially independent.


Cllr Rowley, Board Member for Housing presented the report. The pilot is to try and make the home choice scheme (which provides private rental accommodation for people at risk of homelessness) more effective.


The pilot’s aim is to support at least 80 people. A Home Choice caseworker will work closely with tenants to assist them with budgeting so they can become financially independent. This two year pilot will follow the same process used by the Welfare Reform Team in administering Discretionary Housing Payment, to ensure a consistent approach in dealing with both groups of customers.


The Housing Strategy & Needs Manager said the pilot would mainly target families.


A report on the pilot will be presented to CEB in 12 months.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.    Adopt the proposed Rent Guarantee Scheme outlined in the report