Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Leisure investment options

19/09/2016 - Leisure investment options

The Head of Community Services submitted a report which sought project approval to improve tennis provision at Florence Park and the car parking to the sports facilities at Court Place Farm. 


Cllr Smith, Board Member for Leisure, Parks and Sports presented the report.  £130,000 will be match funded by the tennis association to install flood lights at Florence Park and £117,000 in addition (to the £70,000 already agreed) will be spent on resurfacing the car park. We also want to start charging for the use of the car park.


Cllr Turner said it was good to invest in tennis but further consideration was needed in regards to charging for car parking as the nearby car park at Oxford City Football Club is free.


The City Executive Board resolves to:


1.    Grant project approval for the improvements to:

     Tennis provision at Florence Park

     The car park at Court Place Farm

as outlined in this report


2.    Delegate authority to the Executive Director for Community Services, in consultation with the Board Members for Leisure, Sport and Parks; and Finance, Corporate Asset Management and Public Health, the Head of Financial Services and Acting Head of Law and Governance to enter into any necessary agreements or contracts to complete the works.