Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

City Executive Board Minutes

29/04/2016 - City Executive Board Minutes

Council had before it the minutes of the City Executive Board meetings 11 February 2016, 17 March 2016, and 24 March 2016 and members asked questions on these.


On Minute 174, Councillor Fooks said she hoped there would be wide publicity to encourage people to participate in the pilot and she would like more details. Councillor Tanner said there was a lot of interest but the pilot needed more volunteers and anyone interested should get in touch with him.


On Minute 180, Councillor Fooks asked when the consultation on the private sector housing policy would start. Councillor Price said this was being finalised and the consultation would start soon.


On Minute 211, Councillor Simmons asked if the contract was awarded and if the organisation could be named. Councillor Price said the contract had been awarded to the Council by the Manor Surgery.


On Minute 212, Councillor Fooks asked whether the proposed populations for unitary authorities were too small. Councillor Price said there were precedents for populations of the proposed sizes.