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Fusion Lifestyle - Annual Service Plan 2016/17

26/08/2016 - Fusion Lifestyle's 2016/ 2017 Annual Service Plan

The Head of Community Services submitted a report which outlined Fusion Lifestyle’s Annual Service Plan for the management of the Council’s leisure facilities for 2016/17.


Cllr Smith, Board Member for Leisure, Parks and Sport presented the report. She highlighted the accessible and affordable leisure being offered, value for money and improved energy efficiency in the plan. The Council’s subsidy was due to be zero in 2017 and a profit share arrangement will commence. Monthly client performance meetings and the Scrutiny Committee’s involvement were really important in maintaining leisure standards.


The Head of Community Services said that usage has increased 54% since Fusion took the contract in 2009 and there were around 1.3M visits per year to the Council’s leisure centres in 2015/16.  He suspected swimming numbers are down because people are doing other forms of exercise as overall participation had increased. 


The Fusion Divisional Manager said that Fusion had a strong relationship with the Council.  Future plans included a new website and user monitoring system to record service and participation.


Cllr Price asked if there were any plans to extend the range of activities available. The Head of Community Services said the Council was constantly looking at what they offered people. Group exercises classes are really popular and the Council is always looking to increase the range.


A list of concerns were raised by Councillors for the Fusion Manager to feedback to his staff, these included:

·         Increasing the parking at the Leys leisure centre

·         Strengthening enforcement and signage of shoe-free area in swimming zone.

·         Fixing repairs in a timely manner

·         Timetabling different sessions for different groups at Hinksey Pool

·         Considering the introduction of an under 16 participation card.

·         Extending the healthy food trial to all leisure centres.


The Fusion Divisional Manager said that all programmes were reviewed quarterly.


The City Executive Board resolves to ENDORSE the Fusion Lifestyle Annual Service Plan for 2016/17.