Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Oxford City Council Safeguarding report 2015-2016

12/08/2016 - Oxford City Council Safeguarding report 2015-2016


17/06/2016 - Oxford City Council Safeguarding report 2015-2016

The Executive Director, Community Services and Assistant Chief Executivesubmitted a report which detailed the progress made on the Council’s Safeguarding Action Plan and recommends the Action Plan for approval for 2016-2017.


The Chair of Scrutiny Committee introduced the Committee’s report and recommendations on safeguarding, highlighting in particular the concerns identified regarding the lack of regulation for Language Schools operating in the city, and nationally.  He said that the Committee considered this to be a significant issue and it had been added to the work programme for a full review.


The Board Member, Community Safety presented the report and explained that the focus now needed to become more outward looking and centred on partnership working and community engagement.  She welcomed the Scrutiny Committee report and thanked the Safeguarding Officer for her contribution.  She said that she had written to Government regarding her concerns over the lack of safeguarding control for Language Schools but that she had received a less than satisfactory response.


The Board agreed that it was incumbent upon the Council to raise this issue as a priority with the Safeguarding Board and partner agencies as a matter of local and national concern.   


The Board instructed the Chief Executive to task officers to work with the Scrutiny Committee to undertake a full review of this issue and to report back to the Board later in the year.


In discussion the Board considered the following issues:

·         the need to focus on safeguarding for vulnerable adults, particularly as this has a close correlation with the Council’s services and the commissioning of a training programme to support this

·         that awareness of safeguarding issues and responsibilities has been embedded across a range of Council services through on-going training

·         positive feedback from Thames Valley Police on the practical success of the hotel and guest house safeguarding awareness scheme

·         the level of City Council resources available, and required, to support this important area of work

·         the need to respect the clear boundaries between the County Council’s statutory responsibilities and the City Council’s supporting role as a member of the Safeguarding Board

·         concern about the Government’s proposals for the future of Safeguarding Boards and local authority responsibilities


The City Executive Board resolved to:

1.    To note the progress and development of the Council’s safeguarding work 2015-2016;

2.    To agree the Action Plan as set out in Appendix 1;

3.    To agree that the Board Member, Community Safety should raise the concern about Language School regulation as a priority with the Safeguarding Board and partner agencies; and   

4.    To endorse the Scrutiny Committee decision to undertake a review of the regulation of Language Schools with regard to safeguarding issues.