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Appointment to Outside Bodies 2016/17

17/06/2016 - Appointment of Outside Bodies 2016/17

The Head of Law & Governance submitted a report which detailed the proposed nominations to outside and other bodies for the 2016/17 Council Year.


Cllr Gant addressed the Board and asked that they follow their own guidelines and review the proposed appointments to the North Oxford Association in favour of local or ward councillors.  The Board agreed to review the appointments to that organisation.


The Board noted some factual errors in the report which officers undertook to correct (reference to the Leys not Blackbird Leys; only one appointee to the Non-Ecclesiastical Charities of St Mary‘s Magdalen).  The Board also agreed to change the guidance on appointments to community associations from “Ward councillors in preference” to “Usually Ward councillors.”


The City Executive Board resolved to:

1.    Approve appointments to outside bodies as shown in Appendix 1 (attached to this minute) subject to the following amendments: appointments to the North Oxford Association to be reviewed and change wording from “Ward councillors in preference” to “Usually Ward councillors” ;

2.    Note the revised guidance for appointees as detailed in Appendix 2;

3.    Agree not to re-appoint to 150 (City of Oxford) Squadron Air Cadets, South East Reserve Forces & Cadets and Oxford Airport Consultative Committee;

4.    Agree the principles for appointment to community centre associations and other outside bodies as set out at paragraph 16; and

5.      Agree to re-appoint representatives to Mortimer Hall Management Committee.