Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Development of a Recycling Transfer Station

19/12/2016 - Transfer Station for Recycled Material

Cllr Turner left the meeting


The Executive Director for Community Services submitted a report which proposed to create and operate a Council managed transfer station for co-mingled recyclate, green waste, street arisings and engineering works spoil.


Cllr Tanner, Board member for a Clean Green Oxford presented the report.  He said the creation of a recycling station at the Redbridge Park and Ride should save the Council about £1m. Recycling collected in the city currently is taken to a transfer station in Culham.  Having a transfer station at the Redbridge Park and Ride would significantly reduce the time a collection takes.


The Cleaner Greener Services Managerexplained that no sorting would take place on the site, apart from the removal of contaminated waste and plastic bags which shouldn’t be recycled.


The Director of Community Services explained that the local service would be more efficient. The price for recycling has fallen and contractors are much stricter about accepting contaminated waste.


The Cleaner Greener Services Manager explained that the scheme requires planning permission from the Council and a permit from the Environment Agency.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.   Approve the project to create and manage a recycling transfer station, as described in this report. Subject to approval of funding by council in the 2017/18 budget.


2.   Seek planning approval and an environment permit for the proposed recycling transfer station. Authorise officers to incur the costs relating to the preparation of the application and permit.


3.   Delegate authority to the Director of Community Services, in consultation with the Council’s s151 and Monitoring Officers and subject to the receipt of satisfactory planning consent, to proceed with the creation of the recycling transfer station.


4.   Delegate authority to the Director of Community Services to enter into a contract for the construction of the Recycling Transfer Station facility following a procurement process in accordance with the councils approved procedures