Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Cumberlege House - Development Appraisal

10/07/2015 - Cumberlege House - Development Appraisal

The Head of Housing and Property submitted (previously circulated now appended) which detailed the options for Cumberlege House which is due to be vacated when the new Bradlands sheltered housing scheme is completed.


Cllr Seamons, Board Member for Housing recommended the report to the Board.


The City Executive Board resolved to:


1.     AGREE not to pursue the disposal of Cumberlege House as approved in principle by Executive Board in November 2007;


2.     ADOPT Option 4 in principle as set out in this report – to redevelop Cumberlege House for new Council housing and in consultation with the Council’s S151 officer to include the scheme in the HRA new build development programme 2015-18, subject to a reassessment of the Council’s HRA investment priorities;


3.     APPROVE the demolition of Cumberlege House and instruct the Head of Housing and Property to procure and enter into contract to enable demolition works to start either as soon as the property is vacated or, should a short term lease be agreed, as set out in sections 18-19 of the report, then after that lease end date and prior to the development start on site; and in any case after the impact of the Right to Buy extension has been fully assessed;


4.     GRANT delegated authority to the Head of Housing and Property to negotiate and enter into a fixed term lease, should a suitable lessee be identified within a two month period.