Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Local Development Scheme

22/01/2016 - Oxford Local Development Scheme 2016-2019

The Head of Planning and Regulatory Services submitted a report which sought approval of a three-year programme for the preparation of various planning documents that will form part of the City Council’s Local Plan.


The Board Member, Planning, Transport and Regulatory Services presented the report.  He explained that it was intended that the City Council should produce a new Local Plan 2036.  This plan would be a single document that would replace most existing documents containing planning policy (other than the Area Action Plans).  He said that the Local Plan 2036 will provide a long-term planning framework to deliver managed growth of the city for an additional 10 years to 2036. He emphasised that all the existing planning policies would remain in force until the new Local Plan 2036 was formally adopted. In conclusion he commended the report to the Board and encouraged all members to engage in the creation of the new plan.


In discussion the Board noted the following points:

·         the target completion date was 2018

·         this would be a major undertaking and provided a significant opportunity for a comprehensive review of all the current planning policies

·         key areas to address would include renewable energy, transport and transport hubs, height and density considerations, affordable housing

·         it was essential to use the process to identify flexible and creative means by which to deliver growth whilst retaining the city’s green spaces, historic buildings and its skyline


The City Executive Board resolved to:

1.         Approve the Oxford Local Development Scheme 2016-19; and

2.         Endorse the production of the Oxford Local Plan 2036 and the Local Plan Consultation and Engagement Programme appended to the LDS.