Committee details

Committee details

Value and Performance Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

This committee scrutinises and takes and overview of the work of the council with a particular focus on the frameworks, performance and value for money of those services directly provided by the council.  It is 1 of 2 scrutiny committees.


Its work is conducted through an agreed programme by none executive (backbench) councillors and it aims to:


  • Be independent of the executive and form its own inquires, agendas and views allowing decision maker to held to account publicly
  • Act as a critical friend
  • Engage communities and allow “their voice to be heard”
  • Make a difference


The committee’s work is conducted through formal committee meetings and informal panels using many forms of working including: commenting on decisions about to be taken; reviewing or suggesting policies and strategies; performance monitoring; taking evidence and conducting consultations


This committee will also reconsider decisions that have been taken by the City Executive Board and formally “called in” by members of the Council 



Contact information

Support officer: Pat Jones, Principal Scrutiny Officer.

Phone: 01865 252191