Agenda item

Agenda item

Reports for approval

The Committee is asked to agree the following draft reports:  

·       Domestic Abuse Review Group report (to follow).

·       Report to Cabinet regarding Citizen Engagement (to follow).






Citizens’ Engagement Report

Subject to a few specific observations by the Chair, the Committee agreed that this report should be submitted to Cabinet.

Domestic Review Group Report

Cllr Shaista Aziz, as Chair of the review group, introduced the report, thanking all those who had contributed to this thorough and comprehensive review of an important matter. She drew attention to the review’s particular focus on those from minoritised groups such as ethnic minorities, those with no recourse to public funds  and those who are homeless. The review had benefitted from the expertise of a wide range of experts and those with lived experience both within and from outside the City. She hoped that the report would herald continuing conversations and dialogue about this important matter which cut across many areas of Council activity. She concluded by noting that domestic abuse was of particular concern at the present time because of unusually strained domestic environments imposed  by  pandemic restrictions.

The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Cllr Aziz and all those who had contributed to this substantive and valuable report.

The Committee agreed that the report should be submitted to Cabinet, with a recommendation that the Cabinet response should be given at its first meeting following the election and delegated agreement to minor changes to Cllr Aziz and the Scrutiny Officer.  








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