Agenda item

Agenda item

Extension to the Contract of the Interim Chief Executive

To consider the extension to the contract of the Interim Chief Executive.


Confidential report to be circulated later.


Minute and Resolution from Council on 24th April 2017


As Chair of the Appointments Committee, Councillor Price proposed revised recommendations tabled at the meeting.


He explained that the Appointments Committee were interviewing candidates for the post of Interim Chief Executive In order to allow a proper handover before the current Chief Executive left it was not considered practicable to wait until Full Council could be convened to confirm an appointment. Council must have an appointed Head of Paid Service as required in law.


Council resolved:

1.    to delegate responsibility to and authorise the Appointments Committee to make an appointment to the positon of Interim Chief Executive to replace Peter Sloman; and

2.    that the Appointments Committee has authority to agree the start date and initial period of appointment and other terms of employment of the Interim Chief Executive as the committee considers reasonable; and

3.    that the person appointed as Interim Chief Executive will, as set out in the Constitution, be designated as Head of Paid Service as required by the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, Section 4(1), from the first day of their formal employment in that role with Oxford City Council after the current Head of Paid Service ceases to be employed in the post of Chief Executive.


This report recommends an extension to the initial period.


The Appointments Committee considered a report and supporting documentation seeking approval of the extension of the current Interim Chief Executive’s fixed term contract until 31 December 2020, and to recommend such extension to full Council on 27 November 2017.

In reaching its decision the Committee considered the confidential information before it including legal and financial advice and the equalities impact assessment and risk register.

The Appointments Committee resolved to:

1.    Recommend to full Council a 3 year  extension to the Interim Chief Executive’s current fixed-term contract to 31st December 2020;

2.    Agree the job description, key objectives and salary for the role holder for the extended contract as delegated to the committee in the Council’s constitution.


Supporting documents: