Agenda item

Agenda item

Appointment of Interim Chief Executive

Exempt – paragraphs 1 and 2– information relating to any individual and information which is likely to lead to the identity of an individual.


The public interest in maintaining the exemption is so that discussions and deliberations of the Committee with and about candidates are not compromised and so that the confidentiality of information provided by candidates is protected.


The Committee is asked to:


1.     consider and agree the process, timetable and interview panel membership to allow the committee to make the appointment


2.     decide a date and time to reconvene the Appointments Committee


The Committee will then adjourn until the completion of the interview process and reconvene to make its decision.


The Committee is then asked to:


3.     consider an appointment to the post of interim chief executive including pay, relevant terms and conditions, and start date.


·         If the Committee reaches a decision on 24 April, before the Council meeting, the Chair will recommend the appointment to Council.


·         The final decision of the Committee is dependent on the decision of Council on 24 April.