Agenda item

Agenda item

Public addresses and questions that do not relate to matters for decision at this Council meeting

Public addresses and questions to the Leader or other Board member received in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 11.11 and 11.12 and not related to matters for decision on this agenda.


The request to speak accompanied by the full text of the address or question must be received by the Head of Law and Governance by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 18 April.


The briefing note will contain the text of addresses and questions submitted by the deadline, and written responses where available.


A total of 45 minutes is available for both public speaking items. Responses are included in this time. Up to five minutes is available for each public address and three minutes for each question.


Councillors Azad, Fry, and Tanner arrived and Councillor Goddard left before the start of this item.


Four speakers addressed Council and one speaker asked a question.

The full text of these speeches and question; responses from the Board Members in writing before the meeting; and summaries of verbal responses given at the meeting are in the supplement to these minutes.


1.    Artwell addressed Council about the provision of football pitches in Barton.

2.    Nigel Gibson addressed Council about meeting the needs of ordinary people (replacing health and fitness facilities in Cowley)

3.    Joanna Sanders addressed Council asking for provision of a secure area for exercising dogs off-lead in East Oxford, preferably in Florence Park

4.    Laura Coyle addressed Council about the petition on this agenda

5.    Sarah Lasenby asked about the proposed salary of any interim Chief Executive and asked the Council to exercise restraint.

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