Agenda item

Agenda item

Scrutiny Committee Reports

The Chair of the Scrutiny Committee noted the Board’s responses to the recommendations of the Guest Houses Review Group and said that he would refer these to the next meeting of the Scrutiny Committee to enable a thorough consideration by members of the Committee and Review Group.


The Chair of the Scrutiny Housing Panel presented the report and recommendations on the Private Sector Housing Policy.  She said that she was pleased to note that all 5 of the recommendations had been accepted by the Board. She said that the Panel were keen to ensure that the views of tenants were captured in the consultation and referenced the example of the Positive Futures work with young people.  It was suggested that the consultation should involve the students unions for both universities. The Board noted that problems with parking, waste and bulky waste at HMOs remained emotive issues.


The following Scrutiny Committee reports and recommendations were considered as part of the substantive discussion of those items:

·         Scrutiny Budget Review 2016 -17

·         Capital Strategy

·         Treasury Management Strategy

·         Energy and Water Supply Procurement

·         Corporate Plan

·         Scrutiny Budget Review - suggested CEB response to recommendations

Supporting documents: