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Motions on notice 2019/20

Meeting: 28/11/2022 - Council (Item 61)

61 Motions on notice 30 November 2022 pdf icon PDF 511 KB

This item has a time limit of 60 minutes.

Motions received by the Head of Law and Governance in accordance with the rules in Section 11 of the Constitution by the deadline of 1.00pm on Wednesday 16 November 2022are listed below.

Cross party motions are taken first. Motions will then be taken in turn from the Labour Group, Liberal Democrat Group, Green Group in that order.

Substantive amendments to these motions must be sent by councillors to the Head of Law and Governance by no later than 10.00am on Friday 25 November 2022so that they may be circulated with the briefing note.

Minor technical or limited wording amendments may be submitted during the meeting but must be written down and circulated.

Council is asked to consider the following motions:


a)    Bus Fares (proposed by Cllr Hollingsworth)

b)    Campsfield House (proposed by Cllr Gant, seconded by Cllr Goddard)

c)    Fixing Oxford’s Water (proposed by Cllr Jarvis, seconded by Cllr Bely-Summers)

d)    End Tory Cost of Living Crisis (proposed by Cllr Aziz, seconded by Cllr Upton)

e)    Support Small Business Saturday on December 3rd (proposed by Cllr Fouweather, seconded by Cllr R Smith)

f)      Plant-based Food and Sustainable Farming (proposed by Cllr Dunne, seconded by Cllr Hollingsworth)


Cllr Djafari-Marbini joined the meeting.


Council had before it six motions on notice submitted in accordance with Council procedure rules and reached decisions as set out below.


Motions agreed as set out below:

a)    Bus Fares, as amended (proposer Cllr Hollingsworth, seconder Cllr Upton, amendment proposer Cllr Smowton, seconder Cllr Fouweather)

b)    Campsfield House (proposer Cllr Gant, seconder Cllr Rawle, amendment proposer Cllr Dunne, seconder Cllr Djafari-Marbini)


Motions not taken as the time allocated for debate had finished:

  c) Fixing Oxford’s Water (proposer Cllr Jarvis, seconder Cllr Bely-Summers)

  d) End Tory Cost of Living Crisis (proposer Cllr Aziz, seconder Cllr Upton)

  e) Support Small Business Saturday on December 3rd (proposer Cllr Fouweather, seconder Cllr R Smith, amendment proposer Cllr Brown, seconder Cllr Rehman)

  f) Plant-based Food and Sustainable Farming (proposer Cllr Dunne, seconder Cllr Hollingsworth)