Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Motions on notice 29 April 2019 - Supporting the EU election process

Meeting: 29/04/2019 - Council (Item 109)

Supporting the EU election process

Proposed by Councillor Simmons


Green member motion

Council notes that European Parliamentary elections have now been called for 23rd May.

Council believes that, though the circumstances are unusual, these elections form part of the democratic process and the Council should make every effort to ensure that participation rates are high and put in place the necessary resources to make this happen.

Council therefore asks the City Executive Board to work with officers to ensure that:

1.    The elections are widely promoted within the City with clear media communications and information on the website;

2.    Electors are encouraged to register before the 7th May cut-off;

3.    The Council makes every effort to accommodate organisations wishing to hold last minute hustings in our buildings;

4.    Any reasonable request by the Returning Officer for additional funding for the running of the elections is properly considered.



This motion was not taken as the time allowed for debate had finished.