Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Motions on notice 29 April 2019 - Homelessness - Six months to plan for Winter 2019/20

Meeting: 29/04/2019 - Council (Item 109)

Homelessness - Six months to plan for Winter 2019/20

Proposed by Councillor Wade


Liberal Democrat member motion


In November 2018, 119 people were estimated to be sleeping rough in this County, nearly 80% of them in Oxford city.

I understand Oxford is now providing 215 Beds (41 of them funded by £1m from the MHLCG Rough Sleepers' Initiative which only runs to 2019/20)

Walking through the city centre at night it seems to me we are in the grip of the homelessness epidemic.  This is a problem affecting the entire country.

 This Council gratefully recognises the valuable work done by our officers, in partnership with charities and volunteers, but much more remains to be done across the spectrum of our Oxford residents suffering homelessness - who range from individuals impacted by high and insecure rentals to rough sleepers who have normalised living on the street.

Progress over the next six months would require the Council to:

1.    make a formal pledge that no one should have to sleep rough in Oxfordshire;

2.    if SWEP provision continues, activate Severe Weather Protocol after 1 night predicted at 4 degrees Celsius (not after 3 nights predicted at zero degrees);

3.    seek increased support from Oxfordshire County and District Councils;

4.    look at increasing financial support to mental health services specifically geared to the needs of homeless people

5.    urgently seek expert advice now made available by Department of Health and Social Care under the HRA 2018 to mental health and drug related services (dependent on budgetary constraints);

6.    provide funding for existing and new social enterprises responding to homeless people who want to get back to life in the community (dependent on budgetary constraints);

7.    urgently explore: (1) an extension of RSI funding, or other Government finance; (2) Big Society Capital (£135m); (3) Flexible Homelessness Support Grant funding (£617m pledged).

Council therefore asks the City executive Board to ensure that these areas of work are pursued urgently.



This motion was not taken as the time allowed for debate had finished.