Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Recommendation Monitoring - Cycling

Meeting: 09/02/2017 - City Executive Board (became Cabinet on 13 May 2019) (Item 129)

129 Scrutiny Response: Cycling pdf icon PDF 120 KB

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Cllr Gant, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee presented the report. The Committee asked for more guidance for ward members to pool  CIL money to focus on cycling


Cllr Hollingsworth, Board Member for Planning and Regulatory Services said that there was an issue with members wanting to spend their CIL money on repainting specific cycle symbols.  Traffic guidance regulations frequently change and if road markings aren’t in the current regulations, such as markings on Cowley Road, they cannot be repainted.  He recommended that members focus on schemes that can be completed quickly.


Cllr Sinclair said that repainting of road markings requires getting costly traffic regulations orders (TROs). County officers tend not to look at proposals unless there is money available to fund them.


Cllr Brown said that the County is short staffed and are not producing TROs at the moment which is holding up schemes. Cllr Tanner said the County outsources the TRO work to Buckinghamshire County Council so often waits until there are lots of TROs to do before requesting the work.

Meeting: 06/12/2016 - Scrutiny Committee (Item 71)

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Background Information

The Scrutiny Committee commissioned the Cycling Review Group to review cycling provisions in 2015.

Why is it on the agenda?

For the Scrutiny Committee to monitor progress and implementation following the recommendations of the Cycling Review Group, which reported to the City Executive Board in September 2015.

Who has been invited to comment?

·         Councillor Upton, Chair of the Cycling Review Group,

·         Councillor Hollingsworth, Board Member for Planning & Regulatory Services,

·         Sophie Hearn, Contracts Manager.



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The Contracts Manager presented the report. She explained that they had followed the wish list sent by the review group and done the achievable items. There are a couple of projects still to complete in the financial year; to amend the entrance signs to the city to say ‘a cycling city’ and install bike pumps around town.


The Committee discussed the need to promote the spending of CIL money to ward councillors and the possibility of pooling money to pay for cycling schemes.


The Committee asked why cycle signs on the Cowley road had not been done. Officers said that the County Council was planning on resurfacing the road and so it made sense to wait for this work to be completed before re-signing it. However the County had recently announced that they didn’t plan to resurface the road until 2018. The Committee asked whether it was possible to re-sign the road anyway because they had already waited 2 years for the County to resurface it and 2 more years was unacceptable.