Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Capital programme process review update

Meeting: 29/01/2015 - City Executive Board (became Cabinet on 13 May 2019) (Item 0)

Capital Programme Process Review


Cllr Simmons, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee presented the Finance Panel’s report. He commented:

  • The gateway process was reviewed and is going well.
  • Encouraged the flexibility of project delivery and the moving of resources to other projects when projects slip.


Cllr Turner, Board Member for Finance, Asset Management and Public Health agreed the recommendations. He made the following comments:


Rec 1. The Executive agrees that sustainability is a key consideration for the delivery of our capital investment programme. Sustainability is already an integral part of the key stages of our Gateway delivery process.


Rec 2. The Executive will continue to look at ways to improve our overall delivery process and will review the impact of the changes we have already made. Decisions on how we package and procure works in order to make the best use of resources and deliver value for money have been strengthened and are again an integral part of our revised processes.


The City Executive Board resolved to AGREE

1. To sustainability being formalised throughout the capital gateway process.


2. Continued development of a more flexible approach to the delivery of its capital programme.

Meeting: 21/01/2015 - Finance Panel (Panel of the Scrutiny Committee) (Item 3.)

3. Capital programme process review update pdf icon PDF 84 KB

For the Panel to receive an update on the implementation of the Capital Gateway process.

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