Decision details

Decision details

Motions on notice

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


Council adopted the following motions (actions in bold):



1.            Following the Referendum this Council condemns the rise in hate crimes


Oxford City Council profoundly regrets the outcome of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, and the way in which the tenor of the Leave campaign has stimulated a wave of hostility towards migrants and ethnic minorities. We are proud that Oxford voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, reflecting the open, diverse and tolerant character of our city, and we are committed to retaining our strong international links and to work with our city and county partners to reduce the negative economic and social consequences of leaving the EU.


We are particularly concerned by the reported rise in racism, xenophobia and hate crimes since the referendum, and wish to place on record our condemnation of such crimes.


The Council will work with local partners to fight and prevent racism and xenophobia and wish to reassure everyone living in our city that they are valued members of our community.


As part of the renegotiation process with the EU, the Council will make the strongest representations to protect the existing status and rights of EU citizens currently living or working in the city and the county.


2.            Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4)


Oxford City Council welcomes the improvements made by Oxfordshire County Council to Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4), including the greater emphasis on walking and cycling, clean air, support for a workplace parking levy in Oxford and the option of more residents’ parking schemes across the city.


However LTP4 is still not ambitious enough and offers too little too late. We consider that a unitary Oxford would be able to make the improvements needed more quickly and effectively.  We also consider that the standard of road and pavement maintenance in Oxford is unacceptably poor.  


The City Council calls on the County Council as highway authority, to improve cycling and pedestrian facilities, introduce a zero emission zone and to consult on a workplace parking levy for Oxford without delay.


The City Council also asks the County to review its spending priorities, and the areas of Oxfordshire where transport funding is spent, so that more money is available for road repairs and maintenance in the city.





3.            Planning sustainability and the Green Belt


Recognising that, with the exception of land to the west of the City, most Green Belt falls within the boundaries of our neighbouring authorities so Oxford City Council currently has very limited influence on how the land is developed,


Council notes that while the Oxford Green Belt was instituted in the late 1950s it remained interim for several decades, and its boundaries have been adjusted continually throughout its existence. The Council further notes that the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework, paragraph 84) specifically allows for the review and alteration of green belt boundaries. The Council further notes that neighbouring local authorities Cherwell, Vale of White of Horse and South Oxfordshire have all proposed or agreed modifications to the boundaries of the Oxford Green Belt as part of their most recent Local Plans. Council recognises the current crisis in availability of housing, but also recognises that the purposes for which the Green Belt was invented have not gone away. Council accepts that people living near areas of Green Belt have legitimate concerns at any suggestion of part of it being lost, and that these concerns need to be carefully balanced against the duty of the City Council to plan for a successful city with sufficient homes, employment, facilities and recreation space for current and future residents of Oxford.


Council will in the development of the Local Plan and other planning policy give due consideration to the following:


-Oxford's Green Belt remains protected by existing local and national policies that prevent inappropriate development in all but exceptional circumstances


-proper weight will be given to the agreed methodology and framework for reviewing Green Belt boundaries that form part of the comprehensive review of the Oxford Green Belt already carried out by LUC on behalf of all the relevant Local Planning Authorities, and used by neighbouring District Council’s in their recent Local Plan reviews and updates


-studies will be commissioned to properly assess the full value of the  biodiversity and the ecosystem of open spaces both within and outside the Green Belt as part of the analysis of the overall value of the Green Belt and specific sites within it-any building within the Green Belt will not only replace but actively enhance the biodiversity and natural capital provided by the area lost, by use of scientific techniques such as ecological risk assessment and biodiversity management plans working closely with relevant environmental NGOs, or as otherwise set out in existing NPPF or local policies governing development in the Green Belt.


-as applicant Council will support buildings which meet the eco-village and low-carbon approach supported by Council at its meeting of 18 April 2016 as an “…example [to] persuade / push / cajole private developers in Oxford to make their contribution to saving planet earth”


-Council will support projects which guarantee sustainable infrastructure such as bike lanes to and from the development as well as on it, will encourage scientifically-based and forward-looking approaches to sustainable transport such as smart traffic lights


-Council will only support developments which align with the Council’s social housing policies



These motions were not taken:


4.            Banning Glyphosate in Oxford

5.            Scrapping of student grants and curbing of access to higher education for disadvantaged young people

6.            Democratic mandate for national leader

7.            The future electoral system in Oxfordshire


Publication date: 12/08/2016

Date of decision: 25/07/2016

Decided at meeting: 25/07/2016 - Council

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