Non Ecclesiastical Charities of St Mary Magdalen



The Charity consists of two funds which are used to:

·         give relief either generally or individually to people in conditions of need, hardship or distress;

·         give assistance for people aged under 25 undertaking educational training (for example by making grants for books, equipment, course fees or travelling expenses). The Trustees do not fund second degrees.  


Originally the beneficiaries of the charity had to be resident in the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen and preference is still given to such residents but the area of benefit has now been extended to cover the City of Oxford.  Applicants should have at least 3 years residence and be permanently resident in the area of benefit.  This excludes temporary residents.


The Charity (Dr Knight) can be contacted via the Oxford City Council representative.


Councillor Commitment

The Council may appoint up to two Trustees for a period of four years. However, at the request of the Charity the Council currently appoints just one Trustee.

The Charity holds two regular meetings a year; in addition special meetings may be required to consider applications for grants.  The parish trustees are active in managing the business, but papers for meetings are circulated to all trustees, and the responsibility for approving the accounts and making grants lies with the whole body of trustees. 


Updated June 2017

Contact information

Dr R. W. Knight

Our representatives