Health and Wellbeing Board


The Health and Wellbeing Board is a partnership between local government, the NHS and the people of Oxfordshire. It includes local GPs, councillors, Healthwatch Oxfordshire, and senior local government officers.


The board has been set up to ensure that we work together to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing, especially those who have health problems or are in difficult circumstances.


The board provides strategic leadership for health and wellbeing across the county and will ensure that plans are in place and action is taken to realise those plans.


The Health and Wellbeing Board is made up of a number of partnership boards and joint management groups. The Health Improvement Board, The Children’s Trust and the Older Peoples Joint Management Group report directly to the Health and Wellbeing Board regarding the priorities it is responsible for.



Oxford City Council representation

The Council’s representative on the Health and Wellbeing Board is Cllr Ed Turner, Executive Board Member for Finance, Asset Management and Public Health, by virtue of his position as the Vice-Chairman of the Health Improvement Board.


Updated August 2016

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