Oxford Sports Council Executive Committee




The Oxford Sports Council is the local arm of the Sports Council whose objects are:


1.         To assess the sporting needs of Oxford, to draw the attention of the public authorities, the public generally and those using or providing sporting facilities, to those needs and to advise and help with catering for their fulfilment.


2.         To maintain communication with the local authority by monitoring plans and strategies affecting local sport and advising generally on the collective opinion of local sports’ interests for future planning of sports facilities.


3.         To gather and disseminate to local interested parties, any information on plans or changes in circumstances which may affect or otherwise involve those parties.


4.         To represent the local sports’ interests in any issues which may arise.


5.         To be aware of the main national sporting strategies and any opportunities provided by such initiatives etc. (eg. by attending appropriate seminars or conferences).


6.         To seek out and invite persons from the area who are prepared to play an active role in promoting the objects of the Council.


7.         To receive and consider reports and recommendations from any organisation on all matters concerning sport and to take any action as the Council might deem necessary. In particular to assist Sport England South in the support and processing of clubs’ applications for grant aid etc.


8.         To actively encourage the development of and participation in sport and recreation through appropriate publicity, demonstrations, displays etc.


9.         To ensure that the activities of the Council conform with and promote any relevant recognised sport’s governing body’s plans for development and delivery of its sport in the area.


10.       To invite, inform and involve Sport England in whatever projects may benefit.


Councillor Commitment


In addition to an AGM the Council shall meet at other times as the Chairman may consider necessary.


Council Representative : Two representatives appointed annually by the City Executive Board. 


Expectations of Councillor Representatives


(1)   Good attendance. Apologies if unable to attend. To inform the group of any changes that might affect it.

(2)   To act as a link between the group and the Council. To give advice as required concerning whom to approach with questions and queries.


Updated April 2013

Contact information

Mrs Doreen Rose

Oxford Sports Council
C/O OXSRAD Sports and Leisure Centre
Marsh Lane
Marston, Oxford

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