Oxford Preservation Trust



The Oxford Preservation Trust was set up to:

1.     preserve and enhance for the benefit of the public the amenities of the City of Oxford and its surroundings;

2.     promote and encourage public interest in and knowledge of the history of the City of Oxford and its surroundings. 


The Trust is particularly concerned to preserve views of and from Oxford, to protect sites and buildings in and around Oxford from dilapidation, disfigurement, pollution and destruction and to preserve footpaths, commons and rights of way in the vicinity of the City.  The Trust has an active education and outreach programme, and organises Oxford Open Doors. 


Councillor Commitment

The Council nominates two representatives annually.  All Trustees must be members of the Trust, and will be invited to join on being appointed a City Council nominated Trustee.


There are four ordinary meetings of the Trustees each year, plus an Annual General Meeting.  Meetings usually take place at the Key Learning Centre, Oxford Castle starting at 5.00 pm.




Contact information

Phil Doubtfire

Our representatives