Oxford and District Sports and Recreation Association for the Disabled




The Association was set up to:-


1.         provide and assist in the provision in the interests of social welfare of facilities for sport and recreation for people with physical, sensory and mental disabilities;


2.         encourage disabled people to take part in sport and recreation for pleasure, physical, emotional, psychological and social benefit, as an aid to rehabilitation, education, recreation and leisure;


3.         promote through participation in sport and recreation opportunities for integration of disabled and non-disabled people;


4.         promote the development of physical recreation and sports for disabled people;


5.         publicise the opportunities and benefits to be gained by disabled people through participation in sport and recreation;


6.         seek to ensure the provision and improvement of facilities for physical recreation and sports for disabled people by national and local government and local sports organisations;


7.         promote, co-ordinate and otherwise ensure the provision and improvement of opportunities for coaching and training in sport by, of and for disabled people;


8.         encourage the enforcement of all statutory Acts, regulations and guidance concerning disabled people;


9.         provide a forum for free discussion of all matters concerning sport and recreation for disabled people to identify their needs and make plans to meet them;


10.       liaise with other organisations to meet the Association's aims.



Councillor Commitment


Councillors attend the Association's Management Committee as non-voting advisors, which meets about 12 times a year.


Council representatives: One representative appointed annually


Expectations of Councillor Representatives


(1)  Attendance, whenever possible, at Management meetings with apologies if unable to attend. Help and support with regards to funding for which the group may be eligible, and to be given correct 9not misleading) information.

(2)  A voice on the Council supporting the group.


Updated – May 2014


Contact information

Mr Tim Cann

Sport and Leisure Centre
Court Place Farm
Marsh Lane
Marston, Oxford

Our representatives