Committee details

Committee details

East Area Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

This committee is responsible for making decision on planning applications for the wards mentioned below.  It reaches decisions on all planning applications that have not been delegated to officers, and on applications that councillors have specifically asked to be considered by the committee. 


Wards for which the committee is responsible:-


Barton and Sandhills, Blackbird Leys, Churchill, Cowley, Cowley Marsh, Headington, Headington Hill and Northway, Littlemore, Lye Valley, Marston, Northfield Brook, Quarry and Risinghurst, Rose Hill and Iffley.


Meetings are open to the public. You may attend and observe the meeting. If any part of the meeting is held in confidential session, reasons will be given on the agenda or at the meeting.


The committee’s decisions on planning applications may be re-considered by the Planning Review Committee if 12 councillors support the action.




Requests to speak

You may wish to speak to the committee in support of an application, against it, or to request changes or conditions.


Those wishing to speak must notify the Chair or the Committee Services Officer before the beginning of the meeting, giving their name, the application/agenda item they wish to speak on, and whether they are objecting to or supporting the application.  Notifications can be made by e-mail or telephone to the Committee Services Officer (details are on the front of the committee agenda) or given to the officer in person at the meeting. All notifications must be given before the meeting starts.


You can leave the meeting before your item starts, but the Chair will not wait for you if you are not there when you are called. You do not have to stay after you have finished speaking.


Contact us by emailing or using the contact details below or on the committee agenda if you want more information or to register to speak.


Written statements from the public

Members of the public and councillors can send the Committee Services Officer written statements to circulate to committee members and the planning officer prior to the meeting. Statements are accepted and circulated by noon, two working days before the start of the meeting.


Material received at the meeting will not be accepted or circulated, as Councillors are unable to give proper consideration to the new information and officers may not be able to check for accuracy or provide considered advice on any material consideration arising.  We cannot display photos or powerpoints.


Exhibiting model and displays at the meeting

Applicants or members of the public can exhibit models or displays at the meeting as long as they notify the Committee Services Officer of their intention at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting so that members can be notified. Arrangements for delivery, display, storage and collection of models need to be made with the Town Hall directly.




Members of the public and press can record the proceedings of any public meeting of the Council.  If you do wish to record the meeting, please notify the Committee Services Officer before the start of the meeting so that they can inform the Chair and direct you to the best plan to record.  You are not allowed to disturb the meeting and the Chair will stop the meeting if they feel a recording is disruptive.


The Council asks those recording the meeting:

• Not to edit the recording in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings.  This includes not editing an image or views expressed in a way that may ridicule, or show a lack of respect towards those being recorded.

• To avoid recording members of the public present unless they are addressing the meeting. 


For more information on recording at meetings please refer to the Council’s

Protocol for recording public meetings or the Public notice about recording meetings




The Committee only considers applications and other items listed on the agenda.


The Chair opens the meeting, makes any announcements, and may then ask the committee to decide any non-controversial applications or those with no speakers without debate. The Chair may take items in the order of the agenda or re-order these.


The Chair then states the next application for determination. Speakers may be called to the speakers’ table at this point.


The planning officer will introduce the application with a short presentation.


Those objecting to the application may speak for up to five minutes in total.

Those supporting the application may speak for up to five minutes in total.


You will have to share the time if there are several speakers in your group.

Committee members ask questions. The planning officer will answer these or may ask the Chair to put the question to the speakers. Speakers cannot answer without the Chair’s permission.


The Committee debates the application, with advice from officers, and makes a decision.


After the decision those interested in that application can leave the meeting or stay for later items. 


The item ‘future applications’ is a list of those applications which are scheduled to come to a later meeting. None of those listed under this item will be discussed.


Contact information

Support officer: Jennifer Thompson, Committee and Member Services Officer. email: tel: 01865 252275

Postal address:
109-113 St. Aldate's

Phone: 01865 252275