Speaking at a Council or Committee meeting

Venue: The Old Library - Oxford Town Hall. View directions

Contact: John Mitchell, Committee and Member Services Officer 

Note No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

15 mins


Addresses and Questions by Members of the Public


Councillor Addresses on any item for decision on the Board's agenda

10 mins


Councillor Addresses on Neighbourhood Issues


Items raised by Board Members


Scrutiny Committee Reports pdf icon PDF 147 KB

Scrutiny Committee meets on 05 November 2019. Any recommendations to Cabinet from that meeting will be published as a supplement to this agenda.


Additional documents:


Community Led Housing Delivery and Approval to dispose of land for housing pdf icon PDF 246 KB

The Head of Housing will submit a report topublish commissioned research into how Community-Led Housing (CLH) could be viably delivered in Oxford; to consider approaches to assisting the development of more Community-Led Housing; and to seek approval to lease the interest in a plot of land, at less than market value for the provision of additional affordable housing.


This report will be published as a supplement to this agenda.



Additional documents:


Oxford Stadium pdf icon PDF 142 KB

The Head of Planning Services has submitted a report to put in place a mechanism for this council to assist in bringing forward the Oxford Local Plan 2036 proposals for Oxford Stadium if the policy approach to retain the stadium is supported by the Planning Inspector examining the Local Plan.


Recommendations: That Cabinet resolves (subject to the Local Plan policy for Oxford Stadium (SP52) to retain the Stadium with enabling residential development being found sound by the appointed Planning Inspector) to:


1.    Seek to procure a development partner/operator, with a viable business plan, to try to acquire the Oxford Stadium by agreement and deliver the requirements set out in Policy SP52 but to indemnify the Council for the associated costs; and 

2.    Confirm that if the Oxford Stadium cannot be acquired by agreement, then, as a last resort it would be willing, if necessary, to use its Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) powers to acquire the site; and to

3.    Note that if an option to use CPO powers was to be pursued a further report would need to be submitted to Cabinet to seek approval for a detailed scheme for the redevelopment of this site demonstrating that the legal and policy tests for the use of its CPO powers had been satisfied. This would need to be accompanied by a recommendation to Council to seek authority to set up a budget for any additional costs for the implementation of its CPO powers, which would be redeemed from the development partner.



Additional documents:


Local Development Scheme pdf icon PDF 136 KB

The Head of Planning has submitted a reportto present the updated programme for the preparation of documents that will form the Council’s Local Plan for approval.


Recommendation: That Cabinet resolves to:


1.    Approve the Oxford Local Development Scheme 2019-22


Additional documents:


Workforce Equality Report and update on the Equalities Action Plan pdf icon PDF 309 KB

The Head of Business Improvement has submitted  a report to seek approval for the publication of the annual Workforce Equality Report 2017 to 2019; report progress on the Equalities Action Plan 2018 to 2021; and present proposals for additions to the Equalities Action Plan 2018 to 2021.


Recommendations: That Cabinet resolves to:


1.    Approve the Workforce Equality Report 2017 to 2019;

2.    Delegate authority to the Head of Business Improvement to publish the Workforce Equality Report and to make any typographical changes as may be required before publication;

3.    Note the current position with the Equalities Action Plan 2018 to 2021 (developed from the Workforce Equalities Report 2015 to 2017); and

4.    Approve the continuing and emerging actions to be included in updated Equalities Action Plan 2018 to 2021, which will be developed into a project plan for action.


Additional documents:


Minutes pdf icon PDF 327 KB

Recommendation: The City Executive Board resolves to APPROVE the minutes of the meeting held on 09 October 2019 as a true and accurate record.


Dates of Future Meetings

Meetings are scheduled for the following dates:


·         11 December

·         22 January

·         12 February

·         11 March


All meetings start at 6pm.




Matters Exempt from Publication

If the Board wishes to exclude the press and the public from the meeting during consideration of any of the items on the exempt from publication part of the agenda, it will be necessary for the Board to pass a resolution in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 4(2)(b) of the Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012 on the grounds that their presence could involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as described in specific paragraphs of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.


The Board may maintain the exemption if and so long as, in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.







Community Led Housing Delivery and Approval to dispose of land for housing

 Confidential appendix to follow as a supplement with report.