Parochial Charities of St Clements



The Parochial Charities of St Clement were originally funded to provide:

a)    fuel, clothing, food and allowances for the poor;

b)    assistance for occupational training; and

c)    assistance for alms houses and hostels for the elderly or infirm.


The Trustees now issue grants at Christmas to those aged 60 or over living in St Clement’s Parish who apply to the Clerk of the Charity.


Councillor Commitment

The Council appoints two Trustees (who should councillors for the St Clement’s or St Mary’s wards).  They serve as Trustees for the duration of their term of office as a city councillor.


Meetings are normally held on Monday at 6.00pm in St Clement’s Family Centre.  There are usually two meetings a year, in September and November.

  • The meeting in September agrees the sum for distribution and receives the accounts from the previous year
  • The meeting in November approves the individual distribution of funds based on the number of applications, the age of the applicants and whether they live alone or not.


Updated August 2016

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