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The original Charity was set up under a bequest of Katherine Rawson, made in her will of 1706, for the purchase of some nine acres of meadow land in Wolvercote, known as Poor's Plot, income from which was to be used for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Wolvercote.  In 1815 the objects of the Charity were extended to include the education of the poor of the parish.  Later bequests were made with similar objects, namely by Adam Knapp in 1829 and Mrs Mary Judge in 1862, and these were administered jointly with Katherine Rawson's Charity.  In 1931 another bequest was made under the wills of Henry and Martha Middleton for the provision of coals and clothing for the poor of Wolvercote, which was likewise administered with Katherine Rawson's Charity.  Residents of the parish were then enabled and encouraged to deposit savings with the Charity, which were returned with bonuses in the form of clothing vouchers or deductions against gas or electricity bills.


In 2005, with increased state provision of education, social services, benefits and allowances, the Trustees decided to concentrate their resources on financial support for school and educational activities for the children of Wolvercote families in particular need at Wolvercote Primary School. 


Councillor Commitment

The Council nominates three trustees, to serve for a four year period.  Councillors attend meetings, usually once a year to decide and vote on the annual financial grant to the school within the income of the Trust.


The Trust provides financial support for extra-curricular activities for deserving children at the Wolvercote Primary School, and looks to the Trustees for any information relevant to this. 



Updated August 2016

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