Oxfordshire Museums Council




The Oxfordshire Museums Council was formed in 1983 in order to enhance public education through the development and promotion of museums in Oxfordshire.  The Council is a registered charity (no. 296734) formed of representatives from local authority and University operated museums, independent and volunteer museums and, by invitation, representatives from the County and District Councils, University Museums. 


The Council performs the following functions:-


1.         Providing advice and information to member museums and to outside bodies representing museums nationally about museums in Oxfordshire. 


2.         Publishing and circulating across the Countya brochure listing museums in the area and forthcoming events.


3.         Working closely with the Arts Council funded Museums Development Service for the BOB region (Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) and The Thames Valley Museums Group to promote a programme of museum development and co-ordinated regional training, marketing, exhibition, collection care and conservation initiatives.


4.         Co-ordinating county-wide schemes for the development of museum services and raising of standards in documentation and collections care. 


5.         Supporting the individual museums in linking with national annual initiatives, the National Archaeology Week and the Science Week.


Contact :         Jane Bowen


                        Abingdon Council Museum

                        Market Place

                        Abingdon OX14 3HG




Councillor Commitment


The Council meets three to four times a year. 


Council Representative:         One representative appointed annually


The representative is expected to attend the OMC general Meetings in order that they are aware of OMC's aims at first hand and fully understand that OMC is promoting a service to the Museums which helps them to support and develop the services they provide to both visitors and local residents.


We hope that elected members would share with fellow councillors and relevant officers, their enhanced understanding and appreciation of OMCs efforts to support and develop museums across the County and would ensure that they are aware of the considerable added value that comes from their small annual subscription in support of OMC.


Updated May 2014

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Ms Jane Bowen

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