Declarations of interest

Declarations of interest


Meeting:  Monday 7 October 2019 5.00 pm - Council

15e John Radcliffe Hospital Parking

  • Councillor Susan Brown - Non Pecuniary - declared that, while the motion did not affect her disclosable pecuniary interest as an employee of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, to avoid any appearance of impropriety she would leave the chamber and take no part in the debate.

Meeting:  Monday 27 January 2020 5.00 pm - Council

8. Integrated Performance Report for Quarter 2 2019/20

  • Councillor Susan Brown - - During the debate on this item reference was made to the Jericho boatyard and Jericho Community Centre capital project. At that point Councillor Brown declared a financial interest which she considered to be prejudicial and left the chamber until the conclusion of the discussion on that particular topic.