Venue: Old Library, Oxford Town Hall

Contact: Jennifer Thompson  Email: tel 01865 252275

No. Item


Apologies for absence and substitutes; declarations of interest; Chair's announcements


Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 94 KB

Recommendation: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting (attached, with one minor change from original published draft)


Work programme for the Scrutiny Panel - November 2018 pdf icon PDF 57 KB

Purpose: To discuss the draft work programme for the Panel submitted for consideration by the Panel’s acting scrutiny officer. 


Information: Work programme (attached)


Recommendation: To agree the draft work programme as set out and to note that other relevant items may be added to agendas at the request of officers or the Chair.


Public Participation

The terms of reference of the Panel state:


Members of the public may address meetings of the Scrutiny Panel, where notice is given to the secretariat no later than 4.00pm on the last working day before the day of the meeting.


The Chair will have discretion to manage the public participation procedure as they see appropriate, including rejecting frivolous, defamatory or offensive questions and managing the time afforded to public addresses.


Notice of a wish to address the meeting, including the subject of the address or the full question to be asked, must be sent to

by 4.00pm on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

The Chair’s decision will be final.


Energy Strategy pdf icon PDF 113 KB

Purpose: To consider a report from OxLEP updating the Growth Board on the progress made in the development of an Oxfordshire Energy Strategy and presenting the draft energy strategy.



Report and draft energy strategy (attached) and presentation.

A presentation was considered at the Growth Board on 26 April 2018 (Minute 82).


Recommendation: To discuss and note the report, draft energy strategy and the presentation and make recommendations to the Growth Board.

Additional documents:


Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

Purpose: To consider an update from the Interim Deal Director Caroline Green on the selection of the route for the Oxfordshire section of the proposed Oxford-Cambridge expressway, including the implications for the development of the JSSP.


Information: Verbal update and presentation.


Oxfordshire Growth Board papers 27 November - for discussion

Purpose: To consider reports and matters on the agenda for the Oxfordshire Growth Board meeting on 27 November 2018.


Information: Agenda and reports published on 19 November separately from this agenda.


Recommendations: To make any recommendations or comments to the Growth Board.



Growth Deal - matters not contained in Board papers

Purpose: To receive an update from and ask questions of the Interim Deal Director Caroline Green about any relevant matters not covered in the Growth Board agenda pack or elsewhere on the agenda.


Information: Verbal update.



Recruitment and staffing for the Growth Deal

Purpose: To receive an update from and ask questions of the Interim Deal Director Caroline Green about the current recruitment plans and officer resources available for the work on the Growth Deal, both direct employees and formal and informal arrangements with partner authorities.


Information: Verbal update and presentation.



Dates of meetings

Purpose: To agree the dates for meetings of this Panel:


Scrutiny Panel

Growth Board

Thurs 24 January* 6.30pm

29 January

Thurs 21 March 6.30pm

26 March

Thurs 30 May 6.30pm

4 June


Meetings to be held in Oxford Town Hall.


*if no rooms available in Town Hall, venue will change