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Decisions published

14/01/2020 - Clean Bus Technology Fund ref: 1905    Recommendations Approved

The Council has been awarded £671,550 of funding from the Joint Air Quality Unit, DEFRA to retrofit buses in Oxford with emissions reduction equipment, in the interest of improving air quality. In May 2019 project approval was granted by CEB and it was decided to Delegate to the Transition Director, in consultation with the Monitoring Officer and Section 151 officer, the authority within the funding envelope provided by the Council to enter into: bid partners; and third parties required to deliver the project subject to their being selected under an appropriate procurement process.

Decision Maker: Transition Director

Decision published: 24/04/2020

Effective from: 14/01/2020


Decision has been made to award a grant of £356,580 to Stagecoach for retrofitting of buses with SCRT technology to reduce emissions. Funding comes from the governments Clean Bus technology Fund.

Lead officer: Mai Jarvis

18/03/2019 - Transfer by sale of three properties to Oxford City Housing (Investment) Limited (OCH(I)L). ref: 1843    Recommendations Approved

To transfer by sale three properties to Oxford City Housing (Investment) Limited (OCH(I)L).

Decision Maker: Head of Housing Services

Decision published: 06/01/2020

Effective from: 18/03/2019


The transfer by sale of three properties to OCH(I)L to be fully funded by a loan at State Aid compliant rates made available by the Council to OCH(I)L:


·         74 Foxwell Drive, Oxford

·         15 Kempson Crescent, Oxford  

·         25 Westlands Drive, Oxford  


The transfer is on the condition that the properties are let at a rent not exceeding the prevailing Local Housing Allowance levels in perpetuity to households nominated by the Council. This is to ensure that the homes remain affordable to future households but allowing OCH(I)L to charge a sufficient rent to fund the extension work required. This is controlled through a restrictive covenant on the properties.


A Joint Valuation exercise was carried by Carter Jonas based upon the properties continuing to be let as affordable housing in perpetuity which significantly reduces their value below that which would apply if they were being sold on the open market. All three properties require refurbishment having been tenanted continuously for many years.


It is intended that the properties be leased back to the Council on a full repairing lease for continued use as homeless accommodation until OCH(I)L is ready for them to be used as general needs lettings subject to any extension or development work that OCH(I)L wished to carry out on the properties.


The decision was informed by a Report of the Housing Development and Enabling Manager, 18 March 2019 and Carter Jonas valuations.  Neither of which are in the public domain.